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Native Filipinyana

Inaul Kimono Jacket - Short Sleeve

Inaul Kimono Jacket - Short Sleeve

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Crafted from Inaul (Maguindanao fabric ) woven by local weavers in the Bangsamoro region of Mindanao. 

Color: Burgundy/Silver 

Please note: Each textile is a handmade craft by the indigenous weaving community in Mindanao. Therefore, each item will be unique in its own pattern and size. You may come across similar ones, but it may not be exact. Every malong inaul is woven with a story intertwined in the threads.

Content + Care: 

  • 100% Polyester/Rayon Silk 
  • Handwash Only

Size Guide:     SHOULDER WIDTH
SMALL                      14 - 16" 
MEDIUM                   16 - 18" 
LARGE                       18 - 20"

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