Welcome to Native Filipinyana, a Filipino-American clothing brand that celebrates the beauty of traditional Filipino textiles from Mindanao. Our brand is dedicated to showcasing the unique and vibrant designs of filipiniana and indigenous fabrics.

At Native Filipinyana, we believe that fashion is a tool for expression and cultural preservation. We share the beauty of our heritage with the world through contemporary designs made from handwoven textiles. These textiles are sourced directly from skilled weavers and artisans in the Philippines. 

Whether you're a Filipino-American looking to reconnect with your roots, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of traditional Filipino textiles, we hope that our collection speaks to you. Thank you for supporting Native Filipinyana and helping us share the rich culture of the Philippines. 

Kim Kalanduyan is sitting in the center of a white photo background surrounded by scattered kulintang gongs and colorful Maguindanaoan decorative drapery.


About the Founder/Owner 

Kim Kalanduyan is a proud Filipina-American who is deeply passionate about preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines. Born in the Philippines and raised in the United States, Kim grew up with a strong connection to her Filipino roots. 

As a culture bearer of kulintang music, Kim is a descendant of renowned master kulintang musicians. She is dedicated to sharing the beauty and significance of this ancient art form with the world. Kim is committed to promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, and believes that through education and awareness, we can all contribute to the preservation and celebration of our shared cultural heritage.