What is Inaul?

What is Inaul?

Inaul, literally translating to "woven" in the Maguindanao language, is a handwoven fabric created into tubular skirts called "malong". The Maguindanao tribe has special weavers that dedicate their lives to the perpetuation of this ancient knowledge passing it down through generations. Weavers incorporate their stories and emotions into the patterns of each malong.

The colors used for each malong represent different meanings that denote social status or traits of those who wear it.

  • Yellow, Orange, Maroon, and Black are reserved for and worn by royalty.
  • Red represents Maguindanao bravery.
  • Green represents peace.
  • Black also denotes dignity.
  • White is reserved for mourning or sadness.

Malong can be made of different material but most commonly cotton (tanor), rayon silk, and katiyado, a shiny thread. The malong inaul is a symbol of pride for the Maguindanaoan people. It is simply one of the many cultural artforms and pieces that portray the elegance and richness of the culture. You won't just see Inaul in malong anymore, however. You can see malong inaul incorporated into modern day pieces from different fashion designers and creators.

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